MT - mash tun

Mash tun - gentle mashing facilitated by flow-optimized agitator. Steam-heated jacket in the side wall and bottom. The insulated, conical dome saves energy and gives your brewhouse a timeless look.



LT - lauter tun

Lauter tun for lautering the wort. The continuously adjustable rake and differential pressure measurement ensure optimal lautering results.



ControlPro - EDS control system

EDS Process Automation System. Recipes, Production Planning, Trends. Full control, even remotely.

WPK - whirlpool kettle

Combined wort kettle for boiling the wort and hot trub separation. Steam-heated and insulated.


HOP - hop dosing

Hop addition vessels for automated hop additions during wort boiling.


WC - wort cooler

Two-stage plate heat exchanger for wort cooling with city water and glycol saves water and time.