LT / WHP - lauter tun Whirlpool

Lauter tun for lautering the wort and for hot trub separation after wort boiling.


WC - wort cooler

Fully integrated wort cooler as a tube bundle. Space-savingly installed in the jacket of the mash tun. Highly efficient and easy to clean.

MBPF - Maischbottich Pfanne

Combined mash tun - wort kettle for mashing and boiling with indirectly electrically heated jacket on the bottom and in the side wall. The patented Brewiks Mixing System ensures optimal temperature distribution during mashing.





push it to the limit


kg grain bill


liter of cold wort


units built

timer function

Automatic heating of the main mash to the mashing temperature, even before you are in the brewery


manual operation

You have full control. Set the current setpoint and duration directly on the display


automatic mashing

The program runs through the recipes you have programmed in automatic mode and alerts you to defined events

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Brewiks PLUS

Zusätzliche Würzepfanne für den Betrieb als 3 - Geräte Sudhaus. Zur Würzekochung und Heißtrub - Abscheidung.